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Risk is the possibility of loss. Risk can also be defined as a person or thing that can lead to loss and also as the probability of encountering loss. Risk assessment is the process of determining the potential impact a risk can have on the business and whether it can involve interruption of time sensitive critical businesses. Risk assessment can be qualitative, quantitative, generic, site specific or dynamic.
Money Laundering and Risk Assessment

The steps of risk assessment involve

  • Identifying existing risks

  • Deciding the extent of damage the existing risks can affect

  • Assess the risks and take action

  • Make a record of the findings

  • Review the risk assessment

In the following course on “Risk Asssement”, we will concentrate on the risks to the money service business, its impact and ways to combat those risks.  We will focus on risks faced by an MSB and the importance of risk assessment in an MSB.  You will also be guided on how to identify risks and risk mitigation through self-training and record keeping.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    1. Chapter 1 - Risk Assessment - Duration - 20 minutes

    2. How well did you understand the chapter?

    1. Chapter 2 - Risk Mitigation - Duration - 20 minutes

    2. How well did you understand the chapter?

    1. Test Your Skills - 80% score is required to get certified

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  • £59.00
  • 6 lessons

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